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~ When you "know what to do"

but struggle "doing it" ~

Couple Therapy Session

Geri Gibbons - Life Strategy Coach

"When you get to a place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness, is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible" 

~ Brene Brown

I’m a life strategy coach who helps smart, successful women manage their weight, balance their lives, or achieve career success.  When they are uncharacteristically stuck in fear and self-doubt in one of these areas, I help them get to the root cause so they can  break through the mental blocks and take action on their goals.

I became a life coach because, after years of weight loss programs (you name it, I tried it) and therapy, I discovered the answer to  “what’s wrong with me.” 


Learning that I could choose what to think and that those thoughts would direct my feelings was life-changing for me, and it fueled a passion to share this knowledge with my corporate sisters, my fellow working mamas, and solo parents.


A life strategy is a particular path you take to achieve a goal — it’s as unique to each individual as their journey in life.   In 1:1 private coaching or small groups, I work with clients to help them get past:

  •  Diet failures and discover why they’re overeating, and how to stay on their chosen diet or food plan.  Along the way, they discover self-kindness, self-love, and self-care.
  •  Work-life imbalance and over-commitment to find time for their passions and purpose.
  •  #metoo sexual harassment and abuse to stop it reverberating into the present and future.
  •  Career doldrums by rediscovering or refining your career goals as you hit the latter part of your career.

~ Geri ~

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