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~ When you "know what to do"

but struggle "doing it" ~

Couple Therapy Session

Get to Know: Ellen Rippl

"The body is amazing, miraculous. . .
     it pays dividends when we listen and care for it"

Ellen started her career at a community hospital as an inpatient clinical dietitian. She has worked with patients diagnosed with a variety of diseases and conditions ranging from diabetes and heart disease to diverticulitis and food intolerances.

Building on these early clinical experiences, she seeks to deepen and expand her clinical focus within the more comprehensive, whole-person model of care at Innovative Nutrition Solutions, helping clients promote their health and prevent disease and enjoy their best self. She is also an energetic, go-getter currently working on a masters degree in nutrition and wellness all while remodeling her home with her newlywed husband.

Ellen believes food is something to be enjoyed, not restricted. Her practice is guided by the principles of Intuitive Eating and teaching clients how to implement that freedom into their daily lives. She is passionate about helping clients build a healthy relationship not only with food, but also their body. "Our body is amazing, miraculous in caring for us without us having to think about it. Finding ways to nurture and thank it pays dividends in making peace with our body and improving our quality of life."

Recognizing that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is only part of good health, Ellen puts the focus back on the whole person. She helps troubleshoot areas that might be causing imbalances between mind, body and food. She believes these three are deeply integrated because when we eat healthfully, our body has the energy to move, and when we move and take care of our body, our mind is more likely to feel happy and relaxed.

Ellen has a blog too ~ EllentheRD.com ~ Enjoy browsing for recipes and quick tips for kitchen magic!

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