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~ When you "know what to do"

but struggle "doing it" ~

Couple Therapy Session

Self-Care during CrisisFree Resources

Shadow Backus

Clinical Social Worker, conducting phone therapy & video intake sessions

Shadow wants you to know:  "This too shall pass; There are silver linings with the disappointments; and, that Safer at Home orders are an opportunity to find personal peace and to practice loving yourself.  We will come out of this more centered and with clearer priorities if we take this mandated alone time to become even more accountable for our feelings and intentions.

What you can do right now to continue awakening to your true self: get out of your brain, breathe into your body, and be available to your emotions in this moment."

Take some time to nurture yourself with my video sessions below: 

Morning Rituals: https://youtu.be/5VZ27zW1rxg

Quick Yoga to Destresshttps://youtu.be/vfgVp2yVlgY

Self-Compassion: https://youtu.be/RELGJlEQ0Tw

IFS & Parts: https://youtu.be/8deDIihOI40

Shadow can be reached directly under the scheduling tab on this page.  She will contact you directly to coordinate your care.

Additionally, you can get to know more about her:

View her website and resources at www.smbackus.com  

Facebook: Shadow Backus or contact her at HIPPA compliant: [email protected]  and (608) 409-3400

  Caroline Anderson, Health and Wellness Coach

N.C.C.A. Health Coach & Personal Trainer conducting Tele-Health Coaching & private movement sessions. 

Caroline wants you to know:  "We can choose to be free of fear. Choose to let go of the stress. You're not alone. You Matter. Your fears are not ridiculous. It's time for us to PAUSE, HEAL, & OVERCOME TOGETHER!"

This is a beautiful time to find quiet, connect to your source, and be still. Believe in yourself and your inner trust within. The core self is where you will find hope. Hope is awakened in the silence. This can allow us to hold on to the uncertain with calm and clarity."

Below you can take some time to connect to your deep core within: 

Gentle Core Movement Session: https://www.facebook.com/coreographybycaroline/videos/214091953131860/

5 Core Concepts to help & heal:  https://www.facebook.com/coreographybycaroline/videos/244328036719984/

Caroline can be reached directly through the scheduling tab on this website ~ She will contact you directly to coordinate your care.

Additionally, you can get to know her:

View her website and her resources at coreographybycaroline.com  

Facebook: Coreography by Caroline or contact her at [email protected]  and (608) 692-1443

   Michaela Torcaso, Energy and Spiritual Coaching

Michaela has been instrumental in the personal transformation of many students and clients from a variety of backgrounds.

Michaela wants you to know:  

Michaela’s commitment to peace is actualized through three very distinct organizations; whitedoor llc., TIBIA, Inc., and Creating a Peaceful World, Inc. – a nonprofit.  Michaela is committed to the awakening of others, to share the knowledge of that muscle we all possess regardless of our circumstances. A muscle for claiming peace.

She shares this gift not only so that people know they have it, but so that they exercise this muscle regularly in all areas of their lives. Claiming peace for oneself is no passive activity. Claiming peace for oneself empowers, transforms, and is downright contagious! 

Witness her gift with others during a recent E.D.U.C.E. class: 



View her website at whitedoormadison.wordpress.com  Facebook: whitedoor  or contact her directly at (608) 238-7378