Helpful Forms

Helpful Forms

If you are going to be a new client, awesome!  

We look forward to meeting you and beginning our work together.  

Please complete the forms and/or sections of these forms that pertain to what you are seeking help with and bring them to your first session.  

Please feel free to add health and nutritional history, goals and current challenges:                 

1.  Best case scenario eating vs. worst case eating           

2.  Typical weekday eating and activity vs. typical weekend eating and activity           

3.  Bring a copy of your discharge meal plan (if it pertains to you).          

 4.  Current supplements and med list (if appropriate).  

Also, please remember if you are scheduled for an initial complete metabolic assessment

1.   Minimum of 4-hour fast prior to appointment time (for example, if 11:00 appointment, breakfast should be completed before 7 am). 

2.   No caffeine or other stimulant foods/beverages/supplements (ie Hydroxycut, etc) prior to assessment completion. 

3.   No nicotine products or cigarette smoking (these are also stimulants that negatively affect testing). 

4.   No exercise or physical activity until after we have completed your testing that day. 

Water and regularly scheduled medications as directed by your physician are fine.

Bring breakfast or a light snack to have following the metabolic testing.

If a medication however requires food, please bring that to the session and take it with breakfast/light snack following testing.


One final detail -- If you would like us to coordinate care with another provider and/or another support person in your life:  Please complete a copy of this form for each provider/support person you want to authorize us to coordinate with.  Feel free to customize your releases.   You might want to include medical, nutritional, therapy and behavioral health, coaching/training, or any other allied therapies.

Again, we so look forward to meeting you ~           

may today be one step closer to a happier and healthier you :) 

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Helpful Forms

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