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~ The magic begins by looking within ~

Working as a nutrition therapist, Karyn is a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in the treatment and prevention of eating and body image disturbances throughout the lifespan. 

Early in her career, she noticed that knowledge about nutrition could only go so far in improving health outcomes and quality of life for her patients. 

"Pursuing a masters degree in counseling psychology was key for me to move from a health educator role into a more therapeutic role. My clients say they feel "safer" with my skills and caring, often saying that I "really get it", that in holding space for them and deeply witnessing their struggles, their burdens, hurts and traumas, they can trust me to explore new ways of Being with a capital "B"! Truly we are deeply committed at INWS to collaborative healing and transformative living in Mind, Body, and Spirit." 

Karyn is a continuous learner and is most currently engaging in a 3-year process of training as a trauma-informed practitioner achieving Level 2 IFS training in "Trauma and Neuroscience" from the Institute of Self Leadership and helps her clients recover, heal and transform their relationship with themselves with particular emphasis on weight and body-shaming traumas from a multitude of cultural, familial, and even healthcare related traumas.

Since founding Innovative Nutrition Solutions in 2002 and with more than 33 years of experience as a registered dietitian, Karyn's greatest joy is helping clients restore health, rekindle and fuel their passion and vision while soaring to new heights in their health and vibrant living. "It all begins with the fuel ~ We can't fuel dreams by extremes - starving or binge eating, by manipulating our body or shaming ourselves into change. What thoughts we feed our mind matters most when it comes to how and what we are feed our bodies and ultimately our lives and our dreams." 

Karyn is interactive and engaging, working as both an interpersonal as well as a solution-focused nutrition therapist committed to building on individual strengths. Her therapeutic approach is to provide guidance, support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address eating and body challenges that are negatively impacting health and functioning. "Blending the fields of science, nutrition, and psychology of the body and the mind are the strengths my clients love the most." Karyn is often described as genuine, self-aware, and non-judgmental while offering a highly personalized approach tailored for each client.

"It's true that we can't change a difficult past that may have negatively impacted your eating and your relationship with food and your body. We can learn and grow beyond that past and create a brighter future for ourselves and those we care about." 

Utilizing complementary nutritional, psychological, and relational approaches, strategies, and techniques, we will explore:

1. Long-standing eating and challenging behavior patterns,

2. Personal, familial, and learned nutritional myths,

3. Negative and fearful thoughts or perceptions regarding food, eating, self-worth and body image.

4. Internal forces and drives ("parts of us") that are trying to help, but are often wrestling for control and can cause pain.

We don't want these factors to hold us back from experiencing the healthy, vibrant, and meaningful life intended for each of us. 

In addition to challenging that which is not working effectively, we will begin experimenting with:

1. New ways of thinking about the body, the roles of nutrition and the meaning of health,

2. Paths to experience joy and satisfaction with eating and living within our skin,

3. Creating more compassionate ways of nourishing and self-caring, and

4. Learning important personal truths about your own health and well-being.

If you have any questions about Innovative Nutrition & Wellness, our "super-hero" providers, or are simply needing help finding an eating disorder treatment team provider, feel free to contact me.

May we all be feisty and thriving! ~

~ Karyn ~ 

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