~ When you "know what to do" but struggle "doing it" ~


Thanks for stopping by today . . .

It appears that you might be searching and we hope that by lingering here for a bit, you may feel a glimmer of hope and take one step closer to a healthier you, where you might feel empowered and just maybe start on a positive path to growth, healing and well-being.  It can be so frustrating to "know what to do" but not be doing it ~ we get it.

Our deepest desire:  

To help you get back in charge so you can limit those negative forces that want to derail each of us.

To explore and reconnect you with your dreams & goals as well as your personal values and "body wisdom".

To foster your own personal truth about food, what your body needs and support where it's healthiest and happiest!

We are Innovative  because we use cutting-edge technologies to help you know your strengths.  We customize your program based on what is true about your body rather than what you fear.  Nothing builds success like owning what's true, reframing what isn't, and feeling competent and successful !

Our devices give you "the rest of the story".  Rather than a typical scale which "judges" you by a random number, we utilize precision technology from SECA that provides medical body-composition (mBCA 515) so that you can accurately learn what's true about your body, its strengths and challenges, as well as those crazy fluid fluctuations that happen just from living life!  Our aim is to foster a balanced and sustainable relationship with your mind and body.

We also measure your resting VO2 and metabolic rate rather than just "estimating" when learning about your body and its energy needs. The device is an indirect calorimeter which is the gold standard for assessing energy and nutritional needs and we've helped thousands since 2002 to better understand their body's needs and solve their "metabolic mystery".

Additionally, we can utilize genetic testing (Nutrigenomix, Genetic Direction) for truly "personalized nutrition" and wellness guidance.   Learning your unique genetic script as well as how to best care for your health can foster confidence while simplifying your concerns into tangible strategies that matter most.  It's important to note that "healthy" is not determined by the size of our jeans or the absence of "rolls" on our body.  Thoreau once said, "Know thyself ~" and that call to personal knowledge and self-care has never been more important than it is today.

Karyn, who founded INS in 2002, is both a solution-focused as well as a process-oriented nutrition therapist/dietitian, specializing in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders, body image disturbances, and compulsive eating behaviors.  Whether you struggle with overeating or undereating, Karyn provides comprehensive care including experiential work, cooking exposures, assisted meals, grocery shopping, menu planning, couples and family nutrition therapy as well as group work.  

We also have a state of the art "kitchini" ~ tiny kitchen, big results!  If you find yourself "over-using" drive-thru's or take-out, part of the problem may be feeling overwhelmed and terrorized by the kitchen.
Our clients can even choose sessions in our kitchen as a caring, curious and healing "you-turn".  

  ~ Whatever it takes ~

We've been listening to patients for decades and "feisty and thriving" is our response!  

Innovative Nutrition offers Wellness Solutions from an amazing "collective" of super-hero providers that are highly committed to helping you take it to the next level.  They also work collaboratively as a team to provide comprehensive care as other issues may unfold.  Feel free to click on each of their "Get to Know" tabs to learn more.

If you remain stuck and frustrated with traditional care settings, consider us before you decide to give up on yourself!

Our goal is to help:

1.   End the confusion and fear about eating and caring for your body and your spirit.

2.   Find creative and sustaining ways of nourishing mind, body, and soul.

3.   Invigorate your sense of vision and purpose which naturally channels power back to your personal values while creating flexible, achievable goals and building forward momentum.

If you're looking for extra nutritional guidance and support through a challenging situation in your life or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your health, we look forward to working with you to discover and achieve your goals.

Let's get feisty and find a new path towards thriving :)

Until then. . . We salute your courage and tenacity!               

 ~ Karyn  ~ Michaela ~ Caroline ~ Matthias ~ Liz

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