Services Provided

Services Provided

We work with a wide range of people struggling with eating and body issues.  In an upbeat, studio-like and supportive atmosphere, we offer a highly personalized, solution-focused, evidence-based approach tailored to each of our clients' individual needs to help restore the health, balance, and personal growth they’re striving for.


Nutrition Therapy Services

Providing nutritional and metabolic assessment, nutrition therapy and education for individuals, couples and families.

Treatment specialization includes:

    • Nutrition Therapy for Overeating and Undereating
    • Eating Disorders / Orthorexia ("fear of eating unhealthy foods")
    • Compulsive / Emotional / Stress Eating
    • Body Image Concerns / Body Loathing
    • Dieting Failure and "Nutritional Grief" Counseling
    • Work and Career Eating Issues
    • Stress Management / Coping Challenges
    • Food Addiction & Food Phobias
    • Exercise Addiction ~ When being active becomes pressured and destructive.
    • Mind / Body Conflict Resolution

As a registered dietitian with a master's degree in counseling psychology, Karyn seeks to foster H.O.P.E. -- Healthy Options for Problem Eating by providing personalized care, whether clients are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, or other major feelings of angst that overeating or undereating is being used to cope. 


 Wellness ~ Therapy Services

Pilates - By utilizing all major muscle groups with balance and control, Pilates helps our clients to begin to appreciate their body through curiosity and acceptance while improving flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.  With compassion and understanding, clients are able to become more grounded and present, especially at the "core" of their being, expanding their range of emotional resilience and distress tolerance.  ~ Caroline ~


Spiritual Coaching - Coaching that offers a practical, energetic "awakening" or reconnecting to one's own authenticity and strength with the conscious inclusion of Divine support.  With the client deciding what is Divine for themselves according to their own values and beliefs, specific guidance and support may be offered by taking a look at perceived realities, life situations, even ways of being or acting that seem to hinder the client's experience of ease, freedom, and joy.  ~ Michaela ~


Transformational BodyWork - Massage/bodywork including CLARITY energy that can be done in "Tandem" (2 practitioners) or with a single therapist.  A session will often leave clients glowing from the inside out.  This can often foster clarity and momentum in facilitating change and movement in a new, life-enhancing direction.  ~ Michaela ~ and Caroline (if tandem)

"Neat things happen here..." C.M. '07

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