So WTH is Radical Self Love?

So WTH is Radical Self Love?

Often it has been said that loving others is easier than loving ourselves. It might surprise you though, that this may not have to be the case. Radical self love is increasingly being viewed as an essential part of our wellbeing. Traits of self love may offer significant benefits where self hate and self loathing are not helping . It may positively impact relationships with people, with food, in our careers, and may play a helpful role in thriving overall. Many are helpers who value making others feel loved, safe and balanced all while building their own career and life of their dreams. But often it can feel hollow or empty, like something is missing...that secret ingredient may be cultivating radical self love. 

What is Radical Self Love?

Wow... so radical self love is not simply loving yourself? While self love may be important, it is only one small piece of the puzzle. Radical self love begins by being open to learning about yourself and recognizing your strengths and acknowledging how far you have come. Learning to see that our value and worth is not dependent on all the things that we do for others is an important first step no matter what your story or background may be. It might feel risky to take this YOU-turn... we get it. This feisty tribe of survivors see even the smallest you-turns can help ignite the magic that is already within. 

Little Ways to Sprinkle in That Secret Ingredient 

  1. Become a little curious about how to become a better friend to yourself.

Friendships can connect people together. We may strive to be the “best” friend we possibly can for others. So what even makes up a good friend? Maybe it is someone who is always there for you. Or maybe someone who surrounds you with love. Maybe their presence brings comfort and a sense of peace where you feel safe. You may even be picturing someone in your mind right now....but offering them to ourselves?? That may be unfamiliar, and that is okay. Maybe this is where we can test out a new flavor and begin to try to offer these qualities we give to others towards ourselves as well ~ possibly beginning the work in becoming more often our own best friend and less often our worst enemy. It is possible that in the process of becoming a better friend towards yourself that you may also begin to learn something new about yourself. You may even pleasantly surprise yourself. 

"Everyone makes mistakes, so don't get confused and tangle them up with your self-worth" - Gala Darling

  1. Is your body speaking to you?

We all have these bodies, but they did not come with a recipe card telling us exactly what they need and how much of it. This sometimes causes difficulty and even a little frustration. However, they may try to help us out by telling us what they need...just not in the literal speaking sense. Some days it may be rest that our bodies desire most. Other days it may be a little movement to loosen things up a bit. Whatever it may be, our body knows what it wants. Maybe this means that taking a moment to listen to our body's voice rather than the hundreds of other voices projected at us daily could lead to something special? Possibly something good?

  1. Social Media Housekeeping

"Oh my gosh!!! Look at this outfit in this post...". "Why would someone ever post this?...". "I wish my posts looked this way...".

Social media surrounds our lives, and it has become something many rely on daily and some even feel they can't go without it. Does this sounds familiar? You are not the only one if you feel this resonating with you. Our lives have evolved and it seems as though it would be very difficult to live without social media. It is being used as a tool in our careers, as the world's largest recipe holder, and even as a relationship tool. While there is no wrong or right way to use social media, sometimes it can become overwhelming. If this may be the case for you, a little housekeeping of your social media feed may help to ease the pressure or negative feelings that may arise. This may come from unfollowing an account or two that bring up some not-so-good feelings when you see their content. Or, another possibility could be the openess to following some accounts whose content sparks a little joy. In this day and age, asking someone to give up their social media completely would be crazy, but maybe trying out some small changes may bring you a little closer to cultivating self love. 


  1. Surrounding with Love

We see you! As a part of this feisty and thriving gang we see your strength and your abilities. It is important to awknowledge this strength and it is something to be proud of! Even in our strongest moments, it is okay to have someone there to support us, or have someone to lean on. With almost 8 billion people in the world, it would be crazy to think we are meant to experience moments alone. Maybe you desire to build on a current relationship or maybe you're being called to create a new one, no matter what it may be, it may lead to some magic in your life. There is a possibility that we may find our secret ingredient with the help of someone else. Not everyone you come across in life will be a positive ingredient, and some may leave a not-so-good aftertaste, but that it okay too. Try and be open to the possibility of becoming even stronger through a relationship you cultivate with someone else. 

Radical Self Love… Hmmmm

It may have been surprising that loving others does not have to be easier than loving yourself. And possibly even more surprising that radical self love is not simply loving yourself. Maybe you have come to a point in your life where you are ready to make that YOU-turn for yourself, or maybe you want to visit this topic later at a different time when you are in a different part of your life. No matter what your story may be, that is okay! When you are ready to seek out that special ingredient, this is a safe space with a few ideas of where to find it.

We are here to support you, however you may need, in your YOU-turn journey towards discovering a little radical self love. This feisty tribe of survivors see even the smallest you-turns can help ignite the magic that is already within.

~Stay Feisty and Thriving :)

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